September 2017: Vikingland Lodge Newsletter

September 2017: Vikingland Lodge Newsletter
August 30, 2017 General Information

Fra Presidenten

Hei alle sammen!! (Hi all) Det regnir! (It’s raining)! We have had a torke (dry) summer season, but now it has changed. The farmers are ready for innhosting (harvest), the crops are ready and now we need flink (good) weather.

Seasons for raising crops are alot like our seasons of life. In the Spring, farmers ready and plant the fields, a lot like our growing and young adult years. Then, in the Summer and Fall, farmers reap the harvest… and in our life, we find jobs, work and raise our family. Then when Winter season arrives, the farmers rest from doing crop work. Does this sound similar to our life and retirement?

Rain or shine, weather is unpredictable and so is life. We need to live life as it is presented to us and thank God that He continues to bless us with His grace.

So, my Sons of Norway friends, let’s vaer (weather) the storms of life and fi nd ways to enjoy our time with our friends.

If you have ideas or suggestions to make our lodge better, please do not hesitate to let us know. Your board is here to serve you.

Dates to remember:
Tuesday, September 12 – Board meeting at 5:30 pm
Tuesday, September 12 – Lodge meeting at 7 pm.
Remember that our meetings are held at the Union Central meeting room, unless otherwise noted.

Bring a guest!!

PS…Be prepared to purchase tickets for the Membership Dinner, should you wish to attend, which is on October 10 at Trinity Lutheran Church. The cost is $15 per ticket, unless you sponsor a prospective member.

Velsignelser (Blessings) on your reise (journey) through life.
Joe Merseth, Presidenten


Greetings from the Culture Director

God Dag:
While I was freezing corn today – it reminded me of “Butter”. Butter is the greatest taste ever. We put butter on toast, corn on the cob of course. Who could forget lefse, yum! Even baking with butter, especially during Christmas. What would we do without butter? Well, did you know the Norwegian butter crisis began in December of 2011 with a shortage of butter.

The shortage caused soaring prices and stores’ stocks of butter ran out within minutes of deliveries. Norway was gripped with panic as a result. Heavy rains during the summer affected the grazing of cows and reduced milk production by about 5.3 million gallons which led to increased butter prices. A single 8.8 oz. pkg. of imported butter cost $50 in American money.

A Norwegian newspaper thought to attract subscribers they would offer them a half kilo of butter, while students auctioned butter on the internet in a way to raise funds for graduation parties. Swedish supermarkets even offered Norwegian customers free butter to cross the border and do their shopping. Just think if we didn’t have butter? Would you pay $50 for butter? I’m not sure – I do love my butter.

Have butter and will carry on – till next month. Keep an eye on your butter supply. Just a note also, butter freezes well, so look for sales and keep some stocked up, you never know when we could run out of butter.

Cindy Sauer


Greetings from the Publicity Director

God Dag!

I need to take this opportunity to say Mange Tusen Takk to all of my fellow Vikingland members who keep our Lodge running; and for all you do. I must also send out my sincere apologies for the newsletters as of late. I feel guilty about not having as much time to devote to adding extras or this-n-that and most of the time feel as though I am barely making my
deadline to the printers. I also need to personally apologize (and ask for a thousand pardons) to Joe; there were a couple months not that far back, when I failed to submit his articles in the newsletter. This is no excuse, but I had changed my firewall settings on my home computer and noticed after the fact, that his emails were in my spam folder!!! Sorry to Joe and all of you who missed out on his articulate and upbeat communication for those months. Also, Takk to everyone for always bringing lunch and assisting Sharon with rotation of dessert duties.

Hopefully our wild schedules will start winding down soon and I can start attending Lodge meetings again – I miss everyone like crazy! Again, thank you to all, whether it be serving in a leadership role or just being in attendance each month, you keep Vikingland 1-495 a vital and active organization in our community.



Greetings from the Foundation

I hope you all had a wonderful summer, looks like fall is going to come soon. There is more information on scholarships that came in the August Viking magazine. I am going to highlight some of them here; the full article is on page 29.

A new scholarship that will open in 2018 is The Helen Tronvold Scholarship, one award annually to a member age 40+ to take classes in Norway, including at Olso International Summer School (now wouldn’t that be a hoot and a half).

The Bernt Anker Scholarship is the first 4 year award that will provide up to $3,000 per year to three different students; Mr. Anker prefers his scholarship to be awarded to candidates without parents. One more new scholarship is the Orel and Marie Winjum Memorial Scholarship open to both students of Norwegian and German heritage; adult applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

We are so fortunate to have these wonderful opportunities through the Sons of Norway. This is just a few of the advantages of being a member, we are having a membership dinner in October, don’t you know someone that would like to be a part of our lodge?

See you at the next meeting.
Carol Turner, Foundation Director


Greetings from your Social Director

I sincerely hope your summer has been a good one, filed with trips, reunions, picnics, BBQ’S, fresh fruits and veggies from gardens etc. Lots of good memories of summer, 2017.

Our September meeting on the 12th will be back to the Fall schedule. Our program will be Caleb, Curfman who will present a program on Scandinavians in the Civil War plus another language camp report.

Looking ahead to October, our annual Membership Dinner. Milan has been busy organizing the details. I guess what I want to remind you is: Bring a potential member as your guest.

The insurance part of Sons of Norway will pay for your guests and your meal. The key word is potential. We hope to increase our membership in Vikingland Lodge.

Pam Skarie is catering our meal! Torsk and meatballs, who could ask for more? Joe Merseth has tickets for sale at the September meeting, or call him for reservations.If you are planning to bring a quest, you still must have tickets.

November we will have a soup and sandwich starting at 6pm. Program will be Karin Fritz Staley, on Emma’s Hope a program on homeless students in our area.

See you in September!
Dorothy Hoover, Social Director