October 2017: Vikingland Lodge Newsletter

October 2017: Vikingland Lodge Newsletter
October 6, 2017 General Information

Fra Presidenten

Hei alle sammen!! (Hi all) Last month I talked about the rain, the seasons of farming and the seasons of life, and how similar they are to real life. But, I didn’t mean the winds and rains and flooding that has occurred in Texas, Florida and other southern states. Wow… I guess we should be happy with 50 mph winds and short-lived blizzards (snostormer) and wet and dry conditions (forhold). At least, in most cases, we are safe and do not have to leave the confines of our beloved cities, homes and families.

Many people, SON members and others, have wondered what can be done to support those persons who have lost so much due to the devastation of the hurricanes (orkaner).

There is a SON Helping Hands to Member Grant that you can contribute to through SON International. There is also the Red Cross, the United Fund and many other links that you can find in the newspapaer and on the radio and television. Giving from the heart (hjerte) is something that I believe to be a part of our Scandinavian upbringing and heritage (arv). Had our ancesters not had a sponsor, they could not have entered the United States, traveled to find a place to homestead, and began a life for their family in this great country. These sponsors may not have had much money, but they had a heart and were very generous with what they had acquired.

We are blessed to live in the United States, we are blessed to be able to raise our families in our own homes, support the churches (kirker) of our choice, secure jobs that allow us the ability to support a family (familie), and the list goes on.

So, as sons and daughters of families that survived more than we can imagine, we need to count our blessings and share our bounty with those in need. I believe that this is the Scandinavian way!

If you have ideas or suggestions to make our lodge better, please do not hesitate to let us know. Your board is here to serve you.

Dates to remember:

  • Tuesday, October 2 – Board meeting at 7 pm… Union Central
  • Tuesday, October 10 – Lodge meeting/Membership Dinner at 6 pm, Trinity Lutheran Church.

PS…You will need a ticket for the Membership Dinner, which is on October 10 at Trinity Lutheran Church. The cost is $15 per ticket, unless you sponsor a prospective member. We need a final count on or before October 6. If you need ticket(s) and/or prospective member cards, please contact any board member.

Velsignelser (Blessings) on your reise (journey) through life.

Joe Merseth, Presidenten

Norwegian Culture

God Dag,

With the weather getting cooler and the leaves falling its time for Fall. I like to start wearing my sweaters and decorative scarves. Well nothing says Norwegian quite like a Norwegian sweater. So I thought what a great idea to find out where these beautiful sweaters came from. Coming from humble beginnings as a warm layer under a vest and jacket, they are now worn as outer wear all over the world. The Village of Dale is between beautiful steep mountains, waterfalls and Fjords on the west coast of Norway. In 1872 Peder Jebsen travelled through the Village of Dale. He recognized it as an ideal place to establish a textile production facility utilizing the valley’s potential for natural hydro power and the easy access to Norwegian wool. Of course non other than the sheep grazing on the mountains. He secured the rights for the local waterfalls and soon after he brought in machines from England. The Dale of Norway textile factory was completed in 1879 and has been active ever since. Skilled knitters joined the company and it was not unusual for several family members to work there together, and often that experience was passed on to the next generation for years. Since then Dale of Norway has developed stunning designs that are very well known. So who is Peder Jebsen? He grew up in the Village of Skelde on the Broager Peninsula in Denmark. In 1839 he began his career working at his brothers manufacturing and trade firm in Sonderborg and then for his brother-in-law in the cloth industry in Hamburg. He moved to Bergen in 1843, borrowed money and started manufacturing cloth. In 1848 he started a mechanical weaving firm, from there he founded Dale of Norway. So if you look on the back of your sweaters it will likely say Dale of Norway. So now you know. Its amazing how back then people came up with things to make and now we have them to enjoy. I wish I was one of those people. Hmmm what should I start making. I will have to think about that one. Stay cozy and warm in your Norwegian sheep wool beautiful sweater.

Until next time.

Have a great Fall season.

Cindy Sauer

Greetings from the Foundation

Hello everyone, what an spennende (exciting) time.

The board has approved the distribution of funds from our wonderful fund raiser/silent auction in April.

Here is the list: Christmas gifts $500, Backpack program $200, Let’s go fishing $100, Becker Food Pantry $200, International Foundation $250, Ski for light $50, Boys and Girls club $200, Emma Project $150, Fly time $150, Crisis Center $200. The total we are giving away: $2,000. Congratulations to all of you for your generosity in donating and in buying items at the Silent Auction.

When you get the October Viking magazine, be sure to look at the articles about the foundation. Great information of different ways to leave a legacy, and the list of scholarship winners from foundation this year.

Our lodge has been asked to sponsor a Scandinavian event, it will be held on the first Sunday in February at Trinity. This is an excellent opportunity for us to let our community know all about the Sons of Norway. I will be getting more information to you in future newsletters.

See you in October at the membership dinner, don’t forget to get your tickets early so our caterer knows how much food to prepare.

Carol Turner, Foundation Director

Abbreviated Board Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2017

President Joe Merseth opened the meeting at 5:30 pm.

Secretary minutes were approved as presented.

Terry Carslisle noted the balance available is $4,465.34. Report approved as presented.

Vice President Milan Christianson reported on status of membership dinner. Larry & Cheryl O., Bonnie M., Dean & Kathy R., Joe & Karen M. & Dorothy H. will set up at 3:00 PM on 10-10 for the dinner.

Carol Turner presented recommendations for the donation of Foundation Funds. Larry O. moved, Bonnie 2nd to distribute $2,000 according to list presented. Motion passed.

Old Business: Discussion held on distribution of tickets for the membership dinner.

New Business: *The nominating committee will meet following tonight’s Lodge meeting. Elections to be held at November meeting. Officers installed at December meeting. *A thank you from Habitat for Humanity was read. *Everyone is invited to the Kringen Lodge in Fargo on 9-22-17 from 7-9 PM to recognized the bus driver for Carrol Juven’s tours in Norway. He will also be at the Rotary meeting on 9-21 to establish a relationship with a sister city in Norway. *A Scandanavian festival is being held at Trinity Lutheran on Feb 4th. Carol T. moved, Roger L. 2nd to allocate $100 for food & supplies. Motion passed.

Next Board meeting: Oct 2, 2017 – Union Central – 7:00 PM

Meeting Adjourned at 6:53 P.M.

Respectfully submitted: Kathy Rogers, Co-Secretary