March 2017: Vikingland Lodge Newsletter

March 2017: Vikingland Lodge Newsletter
March 18, 2017 General Information

Fra Co-Presidenten

(Hilsener) Greetings from Florida, where the sun is shining, the temps are in the 70s and the elusive little white ball is still finding ways to make me humble.

Your (vaer) weather is going to be nice for the next week and I am hopeful that as the days get longer and the sun shines more in Detroit Lakes, my driveway will be clear of (is) ice when I get home in March.

(Velsignelser) Blessings to all!
Presidenten, Joe Merseth

As President Joe Merseth was in Florida during our February meetings, I as co-president presided. Thanks to everyone who attended that meeting.

I gave out two sports medals, enamel to Will Johnson and a bronze to Dotz Johnson. I have another person who has earned medals and will receive them at the next meeting.

Please consider joining this group with your walking, exercising, etc. All you do is keep track of miles/hours.

The board is planning another membership dinner, headed by Vice President Milan Christianson. It is not too early to invite a friend or neighbor. More information will follow as plans are formulated.

More information will be coming soon about a June concert at Trinity with Gordy “Crazy Fingers” Lindquist. Watch for flyers around town.

See yo at the Chili Dump in March

Bob Hoover, Co-President

Greetings from the Foundation

Hilsen (Greeting from Foundation

April is coming (whoo hoo) and we are going to have our Foundation fundraiser at the meeting. We will have tables set up for all the donations for the Silent Auction.It was so much fun last year seeing all the items our talented members brought! We will continue to use the funds raised within our community as well as sending a donation to the International Foundation. If you have something you want to bring to add to the Silent Auction, please call me so we have adequate tables set up. (218-234-8887).

Mange Takk (many thanks),
Carol Turner

Greetings from your Social Director

For all Sons of Norway members who did not venture south this winter. “Ain’t this weather something?” As I am writing this it is 50 on the old thermometer! And for all of our “snowbirds” I wish you good weather and safe travels.

Our March meeting will once again be the “chili dump”. 6pm at Union Central on March 14. Bring a pot of your favorite chili and then we will dump it into a roaster with everyone elses. WOW that makes the tastiest chili ever! Following the meal will be the meeting and program.

Our program will be Sherrie Marquart and band. I first met Sherrie last summer at Sodbusters in Fort Ransom, North Dakota. At Sodbusters they re-enact the cavalry days and play their beautiful music. So we can sit back with tummies full of chili and enjoy this talented group.

Please be thinking ahead to April as Foundation director Carol Turner is planning a Silent Auction. If you have an item, new or gently used, give Carol a call (218-234-8887), so she can make plans. The money raised goes into our foundation fund and is used for community projects.

May brings us into Spring, so we will have Master Gardener Tom Reiffenberger present a program on spring flowers and gardening.

June 11, (note the date change) Gordy “Crazy Fingers” Lindquist from Bottineau, ND will present a concert at Trinity Lutheran at 7pm. More news and flyers to follow.

July (yeah, warm weather) a picnic in the park.

Happy March from Social Director

Dorothy Hoover