June 2019: Vikingland Lodge Newsletter

June 2019: Vikingland Lodge Newsletter
May 29, 2019 Christopher Mohs
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Hei Alle Sammen! Fra Presidenten

Vikingland Lodge President

Spring (vår) is finally here, just in time for summer (sommer).  The weather (vår) this year has been crazy(gal)! My two favorite seasons(sesonger)are autumn (host) and spring(vår), I loved our May(Mai) meeting. It was an honor to have our district president, Denis Rusinko as our guest. His presentation on Vikings was very interesting (interessant nok) for me. I hope you enjoyed it too. It was also fun to have all the Norwegian treats (behandler)for lunch! Thank you (tukk skal du ha) to Dorothy Hoover and Sharon Hittle for working so hard to prepare so many different delicacies! I tried one of each item! Syettende Mai celebrations only come once a year! I volunteer at Ecumen each Wednesday so took the opportunity to bring some Almond Cake to Virginia Early and Chuck Iverson our members currently residing at Ecumen as well as Tillie Dybing a former Union Central resident. They enjoyed a taste of Scandinavia.

On June 19th at noon, Pete and Liz Mathison will be presenting on Norwegian Heritage and Artifacts at the Becker County Museum. Bring a sack lunch and join them for this interesting presentaiton and discussion.

June is the beginning of summer and summer means parades (parader)! Our first parade is June 14th in Perham. Our float will be there, consider joining us on our float! The more the merrier! We are still in need of a driver and a vehicle to pull the float. If you are willing, please give Dorothy Hoover a call.

June also means Habitat for Humanity is in Washington Park on Tuesdays. Tuesday, June 18th is our night to serve. If you would like to help, come to the park at 5 pm. If you have a Sons of Norway tee shirt, please wear it to advertise our Lodge. This is a great way for us to advertise our Lodge as well as serve in the community.  If you can’t serve, consider coming down to eat that night and every Tuesday night to support this service organization.

On a personal level I have been reading the “Under the Northern Skies” series by Lauraine Snelling. It is a great book series about Norwegian immigrants settling in Blackduck Minnesota. I shared the first book with Carol Turner after our last meeting. She couldn’t put it down and is waiting for the next two. The fourth will be released in August.

I hope you are enjoying the warmth of summer and hope to see you at our June meeting.

Ole says that he is grateful for soap operas and TV game shows.  He says, “At least it keeps millions of vomen drivers off da road most of da day.”

Remembering Harold Sanders

Harold V. Sanders, NOVEMBER 11, 1928 ~ APRIL 19, 2019

Harold Sanders, member of  Vikingland Lodge passed away at the age of 90 Essentia-Oak Crossing in Detroit Lakes.

From his obituary: “Upon moving to Lincoln Park in Detroit Lakes he was generously embraced by the Main Street coffee club, Holiday Inn bridge group, and Sons of Norway. His pockets always contained a dog biscuit or two.”

Our sympathy’s to Harold’s family and friends.

Greeting from the Vikingland Social Director

Lodge Social Director

I learned a lot about Vikings this last month.  Thank you to Dist 1 Pres Dennis Rusinko.  I have heard so many good comments about Dennis’ Viking talk.

This month June 11 will be a musical program with Mary and Scott Hoaby from Fargo.  Some authentic Spanish music included as Mary is from South America, Scott born and raised in Fargo.

This month also includes the start of summer parades.  We will be participating in Perham’s parade on Friday evening, June 14.  We need a driver, riders, and folks to walk alongside and hand out candy.  Parades are so much fun!  Parades are also some of the best advertising our lodge can have.  Please consider taking part!!!!!   Call me 847-6345, so I can put you on the list.  Also, keep in mind July 21 for the water carnival parade.  Let me know if you want to walk, ride or drive.

July meeting will be in the city park.  Optional is supper with Habitat for Humanity, them a meeting with dessert in the neighboring shelter. For the program we go to the bandshell for Tuesday in the park entertainment.  Bring your lawn chair and enjoy the evening.

August will be similar to July’s meeting, then September we will meet back at Union Central.

Have a wonderful summer,  see you on June 11

Dorothy Hoover, Social Director

Signup to be on our parade float this summer!

Please send warm thoughts (varme tanker) and prayers (bønner) this month to the family of Harold Sanders.Please also send prayers of healing (helbredelse) to Carol Turner, Joe Merseth, Dave Knutson  and Chuck Iverson.

If you know of someone who should be added to our Solskinn Hjørne (Sunshine Corner), please email Dorothy Poffenberger at dndpoff@arvig.net or call 218-847-8288.

Scholarships Selected, Have Fun At Norwegian Language Camp!

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship recipients; Tessa Bierznick, granddaughter of Kris Nelson, Drake and Dylan Warner, grandsons of Patricia Hammon, and Nathan BJorge great grandchild of Lois Wisted. All four will be attending Concordia’s Norwegian Language Camp Skogfjorden this summer. Each has received a $200 scholarship which has been disbursed directly to the camp in their name.

Big thank you to Roger Josephson for once again managing the scholarship program. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your camp experiences!

Friendly Reminders…

STAMPS: Remember to save the stamps (leaving a quarter inch around the edges). Please bring these to Dorothy Hoover.

Habitat for Humanity Picnic Volunteers needed in the city park on June 18, 2019 from 4-7.  We need 8-10 volunteers. Please contact Joe Merseth if you are able to help.

A Slightly Different Town

On the Svalbard Islands of Norway lies the northernmost town in the world. Longyearbyen is a former coal mining town, but has since transformed into a cultural and commercial center. What makes Longyearbyen so unique isn’t just its location, but the few strange laws that the residents must abide by.

The most bizarre law might be that it is illegal for the dead to be buried in Longyearbyen due to the sub-zero temperatures. If a death does occur, the body is taken to the mainland. A woman also cannot give birth in the town; an expectant mother must go to the mainland to deliver her child. Cats are banned from the city in order to protect Arctic birds. Residents are required to carry a firearm when traveling outside of the settlement, but it is illegal to have a loaded firearm within the town. It is also customary to remove one’s shoes when entering an establishment, even in the museum and church.

These are only a few of the quirky facts about Longyearbyen. To learn more, visit https://en.visitsvalbard.com/visitor-information/destinations/longyearbyen

Crosswords, Knitting and Gardening Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s

Physical activity can prevent dementia in the elderly. But activities that stimulate the brain, such as reading, going to a concert or weeding the garden, also lower the risk of physical activity.

This was shown by a University of Gothenburg study, which was recently published in the journal Neurology. Researchers monitored 800 women over 44 years. When the study started in 1968, they were 47 years old, on average. When the study was completed in 2012, they were an average of 91 years.

The researchers regularly asked the women which physical and mental activities they were doing, which can stimulate the brain.

Physically active people halved their risk

During the 44 years of study, 194 women developed dementia—almost one in four.

It turned out that the most physically active women halved their risk of developing dementia due to vascular diseases in the brain, compared to the physically completely passive.

In addition, women over the years were asked about cultural activities. The women who were most culturally active were also protected against dementia, especially Alzheimer’s.

Culture also protected the physically passive

Women who were artistically, intellectually or manually active had a 46 percent lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than cultural slackers.

Ergo, reading, singing in choirs, knitting, solving crosswords or weeding your garden can protect almost as much against dementia as strenuous physical activity.

These culturally active ladies also had a 34 percent lower risk of developing other forms of dementia.

Motor to Alberta to Embrace Your

If on a summer road trip in Canada and you find yourself near Red Deer, Alberta, hit the brakes and stop by the charming Laft Hus Museum, which is housed in a hand-crafted log building that exudes hygge and is home to an array of intriguing historical artifacts. The building is modeled after a typical Norwegian 17th century farm home and was hand-built by devoted volunteers. Since 1984 the building has been located in Red Deer’s Heritage Square.

The museum offers public programs and classes that can be tailored to specific needs and interests. Topics may include folklore, crafts, Norwegian history and more. The museum’s annual festival is June 15 and will feature Viking reenactments, Scandinavian dancers, lots of children’s activities and tasty foods. A fall bake sale is a popular fundraiser for the museum; check out their website for more information.

Hours: June-August

Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-5pm;

Sunday 12-5pm.

Admission: Free ($5 suggested donation)

Location: 4402-47 Avenue Red Deer, Alberta

More information:

May Board Meeting Recap

Bonnie Mohs, president, called  the meeting to order at 5:45 pm.  The secretary’s report was read and accepted.  Beth Tinjum gave the treasurer’s report, $800 check had been sent to the Concordia Language Village for our four scholarship students.  The silent auction for the Foundation yielded $1458.60, our balance this month is $7880.69.  Beth Tinjum  will send in an obituary for Harold Sanders to headquarters.

President’s report:  The Viking Magazine interviewed Bonnie and Christopher Mohs for  the September issue about what “what made #495 the Lodge of the Year.”  Mary Amundson on Gary Ave. in DL has joined the lodge this month from our website.  Pete and Liz Mathieson did not do the program in May at the Historical Society, “We are the Willows” spoke instead, Mathiesons have been rebooked for the month of June.  Precision Printers are requesting the mailing list and the newsletter be sent in the same email.  Christopher is communicating with Roger Josephson on this matter.

Cindy Sauer- no report

Bob Hoover will give a medal tonight to Dots.

Carol Turner- (Foundation) would like a committee to disperse the Foundation funds and is asking for additional $500 from our treasury to bring the total to $2000.  Bonnie Mohs, Sharon Hittle and Carol Turner will serve on this committee.

Dorothy P (Sunshine) sent cards to Carol Turner, Joe Merseth, Dave Knutson  and Chuck Iverson and sympathy card to the family of Harold Sanders.

Dorothy H.  Social. Tonights lunch is being provided by Sharon Hittle, Dorothy Hoover and Bonnie Mohs with Norwegian treats.  She has purchased many birthday gifts for the meetings.  She printed a new list of current members for the monthly drawings.  She has received notifications of two parades. Perham on June 14, 2019 and Water Carnival on Sunday July 21.  We need to find drivers, walkers to throw candy and riders on the Viking ship.  Dorothy has booked Trinity Lutheran for our October Membership banquet and anniversary celebration.

Dorothy introduced our guest speaker tonight Dennis Rusinko who will talk about Viking

lifestyle and equipment.

Roger- absent

Marshalls no report.

Joe Merseth:  we have been asked to serve the Habitat  for Humanity picnic in the city park on June 18, 2019 from 4-7.  We need 8-10 volunteers.

There is no other business.   Bonnie adjourned the meeting.

The next meeting will be at Union Square at  5:45 pm on June 11.

Danish Flag turns 800 on June 15th, A Legendary Nordic Flag History

On June 15, 1219, the Danish flag (“Dannebrog”) descended from the heavens during a fierce battle in Estonia. Thus, Dannebrog is the world’s oldest continuously used national flag, and it’s celebrating its 800th birthday this year!

The flag of Denmark is red with a white Scandinavian cross that extends to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side.

A banner with a white-on-red cross is attested as having been used by the kings of Denmark since the 14th century. An origin legend with considerable impact on Danish national historiography connects the introduction of the flag to the Battle of Lindanise of 1219. The elongated Nordic cross reflects the use as maritime flag in the 18th century. The flag became popular as national flag in the early 19th century. Its private use was outlawed in 1834, and again permitted in a regulation of 1854. The flag holds the world record of being the oldest continuously used national flag.

Hope you can help raise awareness on this and have the Danish Flag flying on this day.

Welcome New Friends in 2019!

Please invite daughters, sons and friends of Norway to join as new members. We can share our friendship, culture and heritage as we get to know one another.

Plus: Recruiting members will be recognized with the limited edition 2019 recruiter pin. Please include your member number on any join form you give to a prospective member, so you get the credit AND beautiful pin, you deserve.