June 2017: Vikingland Lodge Newsletter

June 2017: Vikingland Lodge Newsletter
June 15, 2017 General Information

Fra Presidenten

No new article in this issue.

Best wishes, (Beste onsker)
Joe Merseth, Persidenten

Greetings from your Social Director

Wow, summer is here! Don’t you just love the “green”, the flowering crabs, tulips and lawns and gardens sporting beautiful colors? I for one love to dig in the dirt and pot and plant!

Sunday June 11 at 7pm our Vikingland Lodge is hosting Gordy “crazy fingers” Lindquist at Trinity in Detroit Lakes. YOU WILL NOT want to miss this! Gordy has several degrees in music. He plays every genre of music. Classical, folk tunes, jazz, rag time, etc, all the while entertaining with stories and jokes. (I say another Victor Borge). Gordy has performed all over the world, heads of state in Europe, all the major cities in Canada and our very own Hostfest for many years.

We are planning on serving coffee after the concert, so please consider bringing bars or cookies to the church.

Note: this concert takes place of our regular meeting for June.

Enjoy your summer, see you on June 11.

Social Director
Dorothy Hoover

Greetings from the Foundation

We did it! We reached $1,000 in sales for our Silent Auction. Congratulations go out to all who participated by donating and purchasing items. I have had a couple of ideas from members on new charities we can donate to: The Emma Project, funds go to the homeless children in our area, this is allocated through the school system, the other is through Lakes Crisis for bicycles for Mary’s house, the bikes would remain there for children to use while they are living at Mary’s house. Please feel free to contact me if you have other ideas, my email is taptjc@msn.com or phone 218-234-8887.

Thank you for all your generosity; we are blessed to be able to share our blessings.

Carol Turner