February 2017 – Fra Presidentent

February 2017 – Fra Presidentent
March 15, 2017 Joe Merseth

Hei alle sammen!! (Hi all) As you read this, I will hopefully be taking in the warmer weather in sunny Florida. I plan on golfing and loafing for about 5 weeks, while my wonderful wife will spend her time doing some shopping, hitting the quaint coffee shops and wearing her bikini (ha). Anyway, we will be thinking about you as you go about your Minnesota Winter Weather Days!

Our January 10, 2016 lodge meeting was a success as we had over 40 lodge members in attendance. We can surely say that Scandinavians are toff. (tough)

Prior to the lodge meetings, we had our first board meeting of the new year. We discussed and took action on advertisements and charges for our monthly newsletters; plans to complete the Lodge Achievement Forms for 2016; job descriptions were discussed for the newly elected persons; paying for the tuning of the piano; and the annual inventory of lodge-owned items was directed to be completed.

Dorothy Hoover and Sharon Hittle head up the Social Activities and the following are programs scheduled for the following months:

  • February – Program will be from Essential Healthy on balancing, etc. Should be interesting for all of us who experience blur eldre (getting older).
  • March – One of the Lodge favorites… Chili Dump. Dorothy will give you more on this at the February meeting.
  • April – Foundation Month and we will have a silent auction
  • May – Looking to have a Master Gardener in to tell us about gronne tommelen (green thumbs).

Please spend some time reading the monthly newsletter and should you have ideas or suggestion to make our lodge better, please do not hesitate to let us know. Your board is here to serve you.

Dates to remember:

  • Tuesday, February 14 – Board meeting at 5:30pm
  • Tuesday, February 14 – Lodge Meeting at 7:00pm

Remember that our meetings are held at the Union Central meeting room, unless otherwise noted. Bring a guest!!

Beste onsker (Best wishes),

Joe Merseth, Presidenten