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PLEASE NOTE: This contact form is for Vikingland Lodge in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. If you need to reach the international office for support with your lodge or other matters, please refer to the contacts listed on this page. We will no longer be responding to non-lodge requests.

    Vikingland Lodge 1-495

    Post Office Box 1477
    Detroit Lakes, MN 56502-1477


    Sons of Norway Headquarters

    1455 W. Lake Street
    Minneapolis, MN 55408-2666
    Phone: (612) 827-3611
    Toll-free: (800) 945-8851
    Fax: (612) 827-0658

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    Additional Contacts*

    Address Changes: call (612) 821-4614 or email:
    Billing: call (800) 945-8851 or email:
    Certificate Benefits: call (800) 945-8851 or email:
    Culture: call (612) 821-4640 or email:
    Foundation: call (612) 821-4632 or email:
    Insurance Sales: call (612) 821-4609 or email:
    Lodge Service: call (800) 945-8851 or email:
    Lodge Supplies: call (612) 821-4645 or email:
    Membership: call (800) 945-8851 or email:
    Viking Advertising: call (612) 373-9551 or email:
    Webmaster: call (612) 821-4612 or email:


    * This information is for official Sons of Norway business use only. Use of this information for solicitation or commercial purposes is a violation of the Sons of Norway privacy policy and is strictly prohibited.