April 2017: Vikingland Lodge Newsletter

April 2017: Vikingland Lodge Newsletter
April 17, 2017 General Information

Fra Presidenten

Hei alle sammen !! (Hi all) March Madness is here! For some, that means the NCAA Basketball Tournament is happening (almost on every channel); or March Madness (gaalskap) could mean that the Sons of Norway Vikingland Lodge is madly planning for a year full of fun, information and fellowship. However you look at it, we have moved ahead in 2017, hoping for the best in health (heels) and happiness (lykke).

Highlights of our March Board meeting are as follows:

  • SON Paid for tuning of the piano at Union Central… we do this because the piano was way out of tune and we are so fortunate to use this facility with no cost to our lodge.
  • Approved the development of a website with the webmaster to be Christopher Mohs. This is something that we have thought about for years, but did not have anyone to develop the website or keep it updated. Chris (Bonnie’s son) is a new member and purchased the license for the website and volunteered to keep it current. We are blessed to have his talents in our lodge.
  • Approved $400 to be moved from General Fund to Convention Fund (2018)
  • Set April 11 meeting as Foundation Silent Auction fundraiser. Carol Turner is our Foundation Chairperson and is asking for donations to the Silent Auction. Remember that the funds raised at this auction goes to help many, many persons in our community and also in areas in our country or world who struggle with having means to survive.
  • Set Sunday, June 11, 2017 for piano soloist (Gordy Lindquist) to perform… Trinity Church.

Highlights (hoydepunkter) of our March Lodge meeting are as follows:

  • Heard reports of Lodge Officers
  • Discussed importance of retaining and providing your service hours to Bonnie Mohs.
  • Were entertained by Country Music from the Cowboy Church.

If you have ideas or suggestions to make our lodge better, please do not hesitate to let us know. Your board is here to serve you.

Remember that our meeting are held at the Union Central meeting room, unless otherwise noted. Bring a guest!

Best Wishes, (Beste onsker)

Joe Merseth, Presidenten

New Website

Great News!! The website for Vikingland 1-495 is up and running! The website address is sonsofnorwaydl.org.

MANGE TUSEN TAKK to Vikingland member, Christopher Mohs on the fabulous job with the website!!! Please take time to visit the web address and if you are able, send Christopher any recipes, stories, photos, etc. and he will do his best to add them to the website! We are blessed to have such a talented member to put Vikingland 1-495 on the map! Thanks again Chris!

christopher@coraandkrist.com – email contact for Website.

Greetings from the Foundation

Hilsen (greetings) from foundation,

The Silent Auction is almost here, we have some wonderful items that have already been donated, and more to come! I am having a hard time deciding on which ones I already know about that I can bid on, thinking ahead for birthday and Christmas gifts. There are a lot of Norwegian items, things we can keep or pass on to the next generations to help them keep up our wonderful heritage. Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting. Tusen talk (a thousand thanks) to all who donate and to all who purchase at our fund raiser. Mange Talk (many thanks), Carol Turner

Greetings from your Social Director

April is Foundation month for Vikingland Lodge. Carol Turner is our Foundation director and has planned a silent auction for our next meeting. Please bring a new or gently used item to put on the auction table. The money raised will go towards community projects and other humanitarian projects. Call Carol as to what you will bring so she can have tables set up. Oh, bring a little money so you can purchase some treasures.

We hope that May will put you in the mood for spring so Tom Reiffenberger a master gardener will be our speaker. So come with your questions and ideas and I am sure we will enjoy our May meeting.

Sunday June 11, 7pm, Gordy “Crazy Fingers” Lindquist will present a concert at Trinity. Gordy is a performer at Hostfest, a professor of music at Bottineau State College, a comedian and concert pianist. I compare him to Victor Borge! There will be posters put up around town as we want to invite the community!

Thanks to all the chili makers for last month. It was soooo tasty. A truly great CHILI DUMP!

Social Director,
Dorothy Hoover

Greetings from your Cultural Director

If you ever get a chance to visit Norway, the Flåm Train is one thing you need to embark on! It is one of the steepest railway trains in the entire world. The train opened in 1923; about 22,000 passengers in the 1900’s quickly grew into Norway’s most popular tourist attraction, now carrying over 600,000 passengers every year.

The Flåm Train is found in Aurlandfjord. It travels through breathtaking high mountains and waterfalls in the Flåm Valley, all the way to Myrdal Station which is 865 meters above sea level. The train ride is 20 kilometers long and lasts about 1 hour. On elf the short stops is at Kjosfossen waterfall; just long enough to take a few pictures but not so long that you get completely drenched by the drizzle of the strong current. Form there it’s on to Oslo! The weather changes almost instantly from powerful winds, to snowstorm, to sunlight, then threatening black clouds, all within a few minutes. Wow! This reminds me of Minnesota, ha ha! Rain, snow, thunderstorms, lightening and sunshine all on the same day! No wonder we all love Minnesota, it reminds us of Norway! If you love trains – event if you don’t – take a ride on the Flåm, it will amaze you! This one is on my bucket list for sure.

God dag!

Cindy Sauer